AurorEye - Citizen Science All Sky Camera Project

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Imagine on your next aurora chase that you have a companion - like R2D2 in the back of Luke's X-Wing.

This companion all sky camera robot will capture the whole night sky with timelapse imagery, providing a record of the evening's auroral activity.

Here is a presentation made to the Aurorasaurus Ambassador community about the goals and early results from AurorEye's first test in the auroral zone near Whitehorse and Dawson.

Follow the progress at @CaptureNorth on twitter

2 second exposures for substorm

higher brightness and motion rate

15 second exposures for morning sector pulsing aurora

lower brightness and slower motion rate

30 second exposures for non-substorm features

low brightness, quite slow motion

So what's next for AurorEye, more features and more testing, as well as visualizations of the resulting imagery

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