Aurora articles

  • The Thanksgiving Storm across 900km of Latitude

    AAC The Alberta Aurora Chasers Facebook Group is one of the most active places for aurora spotters to post their sighting in the sub-auroral zone. ...
  • AurorEye - Citizen Science All Sky Camera Project

    Imagine on your next aurora chase that you have a companion - like R2D2 in the back of Luke's X-Wing. This companion all sky camera robot will capture the whole night sky with timelapse imagery, providing a record of the evening's auroral activity.

  • Aurora Speeding Tickets, Extended article

    With this in mind, the editors at the Data Visualization Society have worked with me to update and expand the original Aurora Speeding Tickets Article from the perspective of data visualization and synthesis. Read this extended article at the Nightingale website
  • A Speeding Ticket for Aurora

    It's 1957 and one of the biggest aurora storms in a decade is happening right now. How do you record a planet's worth of aurora activity using only visual observers armed with pencils?
  • A Year of Aurora Chasing - presentation to RASC

    My presentations to Royal Astronomical Society of Canada members in Ottawa, Montreal, Sudbury, and Iqaluit on “A year of Aurora Borealis chasing” and "Aurora Photography Tips"
  • Aurora Borealis Reading List

    “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft The beginning of their first arctic Aurora research expe...
  • Beware Newton's Rings!

    And you thought the most expensive part of photography was the camera!  Just wait till you start buying lenses that really perform well in low ligh...
  • Aurora looking back at us!

    Sometimes you wonder if the sky is staring back at you. Here is a data visualization I have been experimenting with that actually looks like the eye of the aurora is looking back at you! 
  • "What lens should I get?" Aurora Lens Roundup

    I have seen quite a few questions on various aurora-related forums. A good place to start is to know the territory, what's even out there? Here is a roundup of 30+ lenses great for Aurora photography for Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony lens mounts.

  • Photography gear for 2019 aurora trips

    This is my aurora photography gear list for the 2019 season, most recently for used in Iceland. It is designed around aurora shooting for a night in 0-10 degree weather all night long. It has been the same now for about three trips to Canada's arctic and other aurora locations.

  • Two out of three is not bad

    Aurora photography is, I think a combination of Astrophotography, Wildlife photography, and Landscape photography. Let me explain...

  • Aurora photos with kit lens and camera

    "Can I get good photos of them without buying a bunch of specialized gear?"

    Yes! Let's compare a full frame aurora eating camera and lens to an "entry-level" camera and see what settings can be changed to get good results

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