Aurora articles

  • Aurora Speeding Tickets, Extended article

    With this in mind, the editors at the Data Visualization Society have worked with me to update and expand the original Aurora Speeding Tickets Article from the perspective of data visualization and synthesis. Read this extended article at the Nightingale website
  • A Speeding Ticket for Aurora

    It's 1957 and one of the biggest aurora storms in a decade is happening right now. How do you record a planet's worth of aurora activity using only visual observers armed with pencils?
  • A Year of Aurora Chasing - presentations to RASC

    My presentations to Royal Astronomical Society of Canada members in Ottawa, Montreal, Sudbury, and Iqaluit on “A year of Aurora Borealis chasing” and "Aurora Photography Tips"
  • Beware Newton's Rings!

    And you thought the most expensive part of photography was the camera!  Just wait till you start buying lenses that really perform well in low ligh...
  • Two out of three is not bad

    Aurora photography is, I think a combination of Astrophotography, Wildlife photography, and Landscape photography. Let me explain...

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