Aurora articles

  • The Thanksgiving Storm across 900km of Latitude

    AAC The Alberta Aurora Chasers Facebook Group is one of the most active places for aurora spotters to post their sighting in the sub-auroral zone. ...
  • A Year of Aurora Chasing - presentation to RASC

    My presentations to Royal Astronomical Society of Canada members in Ottawa, Montreal, Sudbury, and Iqaluit on “A year of Aurora Borealis chasing” and "Aurora Photography Tips"
  • Beware Newton's Rings!

    And you thought the most expensive part of photography was the camera!  Just wait till you start buying lenses that really perform well in low ligh...
  • "What lens should I get?" Aurora Lens Roundup

    I have seen quite a few questions on various aurora-related forums. A good place to start is to know the territory, what's even out there? Here is a roundup of 30+ lenses great for Aurora photography for Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony lens mounts.

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